Kickball, Team Sports, For The Kids

I played in a charity kickball tournament last week. A lot of money was raised to benefit children with biliary atresia, a condition that often requires liver transplant. How great is that?

Since it was a tournament, that meant there would be a winning team and a losing team. As with the Boulder league this spring, I was on the team that got dead last place. We had a blast. And as an added bonus, I won a gift basket in the raffle! Yay!

Also, like the Boulder league, there was a team that cared so much about winning that they were absolutely no fun to play. What’s with that? Fortunately, no one on their team was constantly berating members of the opposing team in a manner that was completely inappropriate and unnecessary on or off any field or in life at all ever. Ever. Fortunately as well, I was able to remain calm in my reminders to certain members of that team that we were there for the kids and that they could just calm down.

Yeah, my previous post on that subject is down now. People had their opportunity to comment (and several did). I made more of a fool of myself. It’s all good, but it’s behind us. Right? Good news for anyone still bent-out-of-shape about that: I’m done playing any team sports at all for any reason with any people for the foreseeable future.

Great, time for new hobbies, moving on, getting the hell over it, and things like that.