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An absolutely dashing white man in glasses and a dark top. He is holding a cup of coffee with visible steam rising, and is wearing a black cap that says stay human.

Terry Cabeen (any pronouns) is a non-binary husband and father (among many other things). He has lived in the Denver, Colorado, USA area since 2008 and loves some of the outdoorsy stuff, but also digs a good deal of indoor stuff. He's a serial hobbyist, oscillating from Archery, Baking, and Carpentry to Gardening, Jewelry-making, and Painting. His hobbies are so important, he considers them proper nouns. He prefers EVs for the lower maintenance and exquisite torque. He enjoys sweets, coffee, and whiskey. Wine is ok as long as it's mulled or sparkling. He's ridden in a hot air balloon and snorkeled with a barracuda. But most of all, he wishes he could hang out with his kids right now.

His career has largely been data-centric, from analysis to engineering, but he's also been making websites since the glory days of Geocities. (Area 51 represent!) Today he prefers to work with the people who work with the technology, but gets giddy about throwing together a website or ridiculously complex SQL query. He has run intern programs, managed billion-dollar teams, and served as CTO for a brilliant startup, overseeing the development of V2 application and writing the V2 website. He's actually pretty decent with everything from product knowledge to marketing skills, and he knows good UX design when he sees it. (Though he'd rather work from a style guidelines document than produce it.) He is pretty much never not thinking about how to make people's lives better and how to make computers more efficient at doing the boring things that humans don't want to do.


Terry's résumé speaks more to his corporate work.

Beyond the salary life, he has also taken on some consulting projects. In retrospect, he wishes he'd captured more screenshots and demo videos at the time...

Screenshot of Butterflye Solutions corporate site

Butterflye Solutions

Butterflye Solutions invited me to join as a co-founder and CTO. I created the V2 website in partnership with the team, wrote the initial copy, and customized stock illustrations for the site and promotional materials. I also oversaw the rewriting of the app to V2, the addition of integrations, and new AI functionality.

GCP Vertex API
deployed 1 january 2024
Screenshot of sample database code

Denver Public Health

We had the pleasure of translating Clinica Tepeyac data for load into the Denver Public Health system. The data required a significant amount of cleaning. We automated the full cleaning and translation as well as prepared reports showing counts of source and destination data types as well as exceptions.

proprietary data – no demo
Screenshot of Crocs internal corporate site

Crocs Corporate

Crocs called requesting a redesign for their corporate site that matched their global consumer sites. With their brand guidelines, we created a spot-on replication in the form of a custom WordPress theme for their internal site. The front page was widgetized for editorial customization. A custom IP page with patent database and lookup tool completed the job.

company.crocs.com is no longer active
Screenshot of Crocs internal corporate site

Fusion Specialties

This internationally-renowned brand was impressed with our work on Crocs, and requested a custom WordPress theme that highly modular, maintainable, and had a clean look with engaging effects. We designed a site with sleek angles that accent their dynamic sculpture. It's just the thing for a client staffed with artists and designers.

fusionspecialties.com has since been redesigned


Get this: Terry also likes to take photos, make stuff, and speak on topics that are important to him.

Title slide with words on a dark background of an eclipsed sun with the umbra surrounding them. Text: Accommodating Neurodiversity. Unlocking Your Team's Superpowers.

Accommodating Neurodiversity

After getting laid off in 2023, I took the remainder of the summer with my family. At the same time, I did an occasional talk or networking event. This Ignite-format presentation was a re-work of a training that I did for managers at Divvy. In it, I provide resources for understanding neurodiversity and better making room and helping others navigate common challenges.

Public Speaking
trainings and presentations available
A simple illustration of a unicorn over a rainbow. The rainbow is emerging from and arcing between two simple fluffy clouds. A round sun is in the upper left corner. The illustration has choppy edges, as if it was cut from paper with a hobby knife.

Unicorn Sky

I created an illustration that I later used in a presentation (though the image itself is more compelling and interesting). Back when Twitter themes were a thing, Tweety Got Back picked up the image and turned it into a gorgeous theme. Over a decade later, our family received a birthday invitation printed over the original image, which the family apparently found in a Google search.

high-res copies available on request lol


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