Terry Cabeen


Fort Wayne, IN


Arvada, CO


Shortly after our wedding in 2008, my wife and I began planning our move to Colorado. We have two great sons and a very happy life in the Denver area. We have not gotten a dog or cat, but we have thousands of animals we take care of and periodically rob of honey.

Both boys are growing up to be highly entertaining humans. Our oldest is a pensive young man who inspires us nearly daily with his clever wit. Our youngest launches himself forcefully into life and makes the absolute most of every moment he has. They enrich our life together immeasureably. My father-in-law lives nearby and greatly enjoys spending time with the boys, often providing us a much-appreciated evening out.

I have no other biological family in Colorado, but make an effort to visit my parents and sister somewhat regularly. After a recent visit, my sister and her family are planning a move to the area as well. I am very hopeful that this will come to fruition. In the meantime, I make do with adopted family, like the Wargs.


I have had a long and fulfilling career managing projects, data, and even a little code. There are three foundational elements to the ideal position for me: Relationships, Puzzles, and Creativity. As an extrovert, I am powered through building resilient relationships within a team, across departments, with clients, and everywhere. Satisfaction is gained through exercising my curiosity and solving intricate puzzles. Finally, flexing my creative talents in all aspects of the job is very fulfilling. Combining these three elements makes me a highly productive and very happy individual. I have worked in a number of steady, reliable positions and done a fair deal of contract work as well.

Projects and Hobbies:

In addition to caring for the aforementioned bees, I engage in a number of thoroughly rewarding activities. My natural inclination is to sit down at the computer or with a book and experiment and learn. The rest of my family, however, prefer to be outdoors, which provides me exciting balance. We hike or snowshoe, camp, visit hot springs, and do about anything else with enough adventure and fresh air. I love cycling and choose it driving whenever weather permits. Fortunately, Colorado makes that possible more often than not (though the wind can often be a hindrance). Finally, I have found that creative pursuits like writing, sketching, and photography balance my more free-spirited inclinations.

My Surname:

Cabeen is a name that originates from the Scottish MacBean. My classmates in high school serendipitously nicknamed me McBean, and I was shocked, years later, to learn of their unintentional clairvoyance. We are of what is apparently called “Scotch-Irish” descent, which seems to mean that we’re Scottish, but had a generational stopover in Ireland before emigrating to the US. Yes, we have our own tartan and everything.


So many sites, including my own, list activities both recent and upcoming as a means of giving readers a glimpse into one's life. I've been on the Internet since 1995 and have long done the same, allowing sites to become quite stale before eventually updating the content. With this significant refresh, going from a custom WordPress theme to a static Bootstrap 4 site, I realized two things. First, my site refresh timeline is a solid reflection of what technologies interest me most. Second, my site content itself is so often 2 years or more outdated. This refresh, I'm answering the question of who I am, not with a list of projects and activities, but with my values. If such a list is capable of becoming outdated, it should be a long, long time before that actually happens. I suspect my next refresh (in what, 2019?) will likely include several typo corrections and perhaps a better presentation of the content, but you get me.

I value compassion first and foremost. All good things spring from it. Through true compassion for every person, we can come to understand them and their problems, who they are, what they expect from themselves and us, and how to interact with them. Compassion makes forgiveness possible. It is the only way to a harmonious life. So compassion tops my list of values. This virtue reaches both inward and outward, and from it springs both self-care and care for others.

If it's not terribly redundant to list other values, acknowledging that they all spring from compassion, I can easily place honesty next. It is the nutrient that feeds trust, the strongest substance to tie things together, and the most stable base to build anything. Dishonesty can rapidly weaken and destroy any relationship. Humans are an inherently social species, and we require strong relationships to maintain our mental and physical health. Honesty may require more effort and work more slowly than dishonesty, but the bonds it creates are unbreakable.

Next, I suppose I value defiance. When we begin with compassion and honesty, the only form of defiance available is the resistance against selfishness and dishonesty. A compassionate, honest person must have personal fortitude to be the unpopular opinion in the room. It is weak and miserable to think one compassionate and honest only when surrounded by compassion and honesty. Through history, there have been many occasions where selfishness and dishonesty have been the prevailing voice. One defiant voice, backed by honesty and compassion, however, can begin to dismantle any oppressive force.

Diligence, perhaps is a byproduct of compassion. Can that warmth sit still for long? Or perhaps we call this reliability and admit that it is an extension of honesty. Whether or not either is the case, I must call out diligence as its own virtuous value. To build on the first three with a strong committment and work ethic is to create a truly powerful force. Diligence overcomes adversity, lifts people up, solves problems, and brings people together. Alas, this is the value I have the greatest difficulty upholding; I am so prone to introspection and talk over action. Perhaps it is that strain that makes this value so appealing to me. I am phenomenally inspired by diligent, reliable people.

Thought can round out the batch. Call it meditation or prayer if you will. It is the truly thoughtful who are best equipped to change their station. I reflect on occasions where I could have shown more compassion, could have been more honest, could have been more defiant, or could have been more diligent. I reflect on these things to improve my responses in the future. I am, if nothing else, diligent in my thoughtfulness, and am always working to improve.


Fow now, please see the convenient, printable PDF. I think by and by I should like to put something more in here, but that time shall come.


Through a consulting business I ran with my partner, Jake, we served clients in web development, copywriting, design, and data management. Our largest web projects were the corporate Crocs site (no longer active) and a mannequin manufacturer (since redesigned again). In our day jobs, Jake and I are both developers with years of experience in databases, and we had the pleasure of automating a complex data translation for Clinica Tepeyac and Denver Health.

I have also done logo and design work. I am a qualified technician in that respect, and take freelance work on projects that already have qualified brand management and design. (I also work with talented people in both of those areas, so let's talk either way.

I have also done everything from copywriting to Python development and am trained as a Certified Scrum Product Owner. My greatest talents lie in requirements gathering, communication, and the comprehensive oversight of projects.

screenshot of colorful, syntax-highlighted SQL schema

Denver Public Health

We had the pleasure of translating Clinica Tepeyac data for load into the Denver Public Health system. The data required a significant amount of cleaning. We automated the full cleaning and translation as well as prepared reports showing counts of source and destination data types as well as exceptions.

screenshot of Crocs website with bright brand colors and crisp text

Crocs (Corporate)

Crocs called requesting a redesign for their corporate site that matched their consumer sites around the globe. We took their brand guidelines and made a custom WordPress theme that was a spot-on replication of the look and feel of their consumer product. The widgetized front page accommodates whatever content they're promoting. A custom intellectual property page includes a database lookup for the entire spectrum of their patents, marrying strict legal guidelines with the attractive style of the rest of the site.

screenshot of Fusion Specialties site with tons of glorious white space, photos of mannequins that evoke graceful movement, and artists sculpting forms in clay.

Fusion Specialties

Impressed with the spec work that we did for Crocs, Fusion Specialties requested a custom WordPress theme that was easy to update, highly modular, and had a clean, minimal look with some engaging effects. We designed a site with sleek angles that accent their photography. The site is built on the Divi framework, which offers a rich visual editor with near infinite customizability. It's just the thing for a client staffed with artists and designers.


Throughout my career in the technical realm, what has differentiated me from my peers is my communication skills and attention to the whole picture of a project. I am knowledgeable in many areas, but know when to step back and bring in more specific talent to ensure a successful outcome. If you have a specific need or are just spitballing an idea, I'd love to hear from you.

some crazy person is using their iPad Pro as a coaster for a delicious looking Negroni


I have done copy work that is tucked into various corners of the world. The most cohesive examples can be found on this and my other sites. I write in a conversational tone, but with quality grammar. Oxford commas are included free of charge.

Vector illustration of a leaping unicorn with rainbow and sun in background

Graphics Technician

Have your brand manager or design director reach out, and I'll turn their design idea into a technically perfect set of graphical assets. I specialize in vector graphics and silhouette tracing.

If you've already gone through a coaching program for your business and need someone to polish your assets to a bright shine, I'm your person.



Web development, Python development, and data development are all within my wheelhouse. I can make the web, scrape the web, and then analyze the data that comes down from it.

Drop me a line and let me know what you're working for. If I'm not the absolute best person for the job, I'll find you the person who is.


There are multitudinous ways of contacting me. You can click through to some social media and drop me a line or simply fill out the form below to send me an email. (Note that it'll go straight to my gmail account and never be used for marketing or anything.)